CY6 Lifetime Guarantee

The 1790 Brand Will Always Have Your Back. We Will Cover Your 6 (CY6©)

Our promise and guarantee to you is deeply rooted within our southern hospitality heritage. This customer-centric philosophy has a bit of the American Revolution and military spirit mixed into our promise to you. We will work very hard to make things right for our customer if things don’t go as planned. We feel a guarantee is stronger than a small-print warranty.

No matter what happens to your product during your lifetime, we have your six (look it up. Our soldiers live by this creed. They take care of each other. They have each others backs…. Or simply put, their 6… 6 O’clock.)

We will repair or replace your Pendleton 1790 Knife & Tool© product in the event it becomes damaged or defective with no charge to you.

It doesn’t matter what happened to your product. We have your 6.

All we ask is that you register your product after your purchase it, or if you are fortunate to have someone gift it to you. Then you are covered for life.

The amazing CY6 (Cover Your Six) guarantee© does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage, regular use, or cosmetic damage that doesn’t hurt the performance of the product. This guarantee only covers an original article. Knockoffs, copies, forgeries, etc. are not covered. I’m sure you can understand there are many people trying very hard to copy our products in this day-and-age. Believe us when we say we can tell the difference between our unique marks on our products and a fake one.

If you have a problem with your 1790©, please contact us and we will provide you an RMA# and address to send the product. We will take care of the postage coming back to you.

Thank you for becoming part of the 1790© family!

The CY6 Lifetime Guarantee©

Uncompromised ~ Unprecedented ~ Lifetime