1790 Life was like…

This is a great narrative of what life was like in the 1790 era of the United States. It becomes very clear where the farming community and Southern Hospitality came from with most of the citizens being farmers living in rural America at the time…. There are still remnants of this community feel and […]

Play Stupid Knife Games, Win Stupid Prizes…

Death, taxes, and people doing stupid things. We can all count on those things happening life. Here is another example of dumb criminals playing bad games with a knife… Read this story on CBS…. good for a laugh and a sigh I believe.

We Don’t Recommend an EDC Carry for Your Flip Knife This Way!

A knife story on Yahoo news out of England was a bit funny, and a bit sad. We don’t recommend carrying your 1790 Virum or Firmus this way…. click on the link to read this good knife news/story… Hope you enjoy the story. Come back often for more knife news!