1790 Difference

1) Emphasis on High-Quality, Precision, Durability, Value, and Reliability VS flash, no substance, and mediocre performance

2) Emphasis on you, the customer VS a transaction, price-point, and selling volume products for the sake of volume

3) A focus on principle/purpose-centered product building for you VS profit motivated, conventional wisdom, and cheap parts

4) We encourage customer feedback. Our products are designed to make your daily life better

5) Emphasis on simple choices for all our customers. No time wasters VS too many models not done very well

6) Our Covenant to all customers is to meet and exceed their expectations of a quality knife and tool manufacturer

7) 1790 Knife is always evolving and improving VS just flash, no substance, and a focus on a short-term trend

8) Our Unprecedented CY6 lifetime warranty makes perfect sense with this “different” list

1790 R.D.Q.

“Proprietary Blade Deployment System…

Friction is the enemy of a smooth action, performance, and great feeling on a folding knife.

We feel your knife should have an amazing “Oh Wow!” feeling when you hold the knife in your hand and flip it open.

The 1790 “THWACK” sound when you knife opens is fast becoming legendary. We can’t tell you how many times we hear “Oh Wow!” when a new customer puts a 1790 in their hand and hears the legendary “THWACK” when they flip open one of our titanium handle models. A warning, the flick and amazing strong sound becomes very addictive. Very, very addictive.

A big reason for this strong sound and feel? Our 1790 R.D.Q. proprietary treatment on the blades, parts, and handles and the materials we use building these legacy knives creates a very slick environment for the blade and parts to operate smoothly.

Traditional knife oil treatments are temporary and can actually attract dirt, dust, and feel poorly and sticky soon after your purchase.

Our proprietary 1790 R.D.Q. treatment to the interior parts reduces friction without the typical oils others use.

Our proprietary 1790 R.D.Q. system helps you open your knife Really Damn Quick and will last the lifetime of your knife, or we will re-treat, repair, or replace it for free!

What is our secret treatment? Sorry, that’s our 1790 Knife secret sauce…. and yes, I can’t tell you the secret or I’d have to…