Patriot Gold Line

Limited Edition Models

Introducing our limited edition Patriot Gold lineup of titanium handle flip knives.

If you’ve read the About Us page on our company, Pendleton 1790 Knife & Tool, you’ll understand this company was founded on the principles of our great country. We wanted to celebrate that 1790 quality and self-reliance heritage and produce a lineup of flag-based knives.

As we were experimenting with “annealing” the flag design into one of our knives, we discovered this beautiful gold color transformation of the titanium handle.

You can see the process in action right here on this video…

This process is permanent and will be as durable as the surface can be… and of course, this knife, like all our knives, is covered for as long as you own the knife with our CY6 Lifetime Warranty.

Here is a picture of a completed Patriot Gold handle after the gold annealing process…

So, if you are interested in one of our Patriot Gold Limited Edition models, please visit the product page and order your semi-custom knife today!