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The New Patriot Gold Line, The Virum Titanium, Ridgeback Titanium, Pug Titanium, Limited Edition, and Firmus G10 Flip Knives

All Backed by Our Soon-to-Be Famous Lifetime CY6 Guarantee

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Featured Products

The New PATRIOT GOLD Limited Edition Line…

For the Patriot in every family. We have a great lineup of Titanium handle knives annealed with our Patriot Gold flag. These are rugged and durable Everyday Carry (EDC) flip knives.


” The Gentleman” is a rugged and durable Everyday Carry (EDC) flip knife perfect for anyone needing a classic design and incredible performance.

Ridgeback Orange-Purple Limited Edition

Our new G10 Ridgeback Orange-Purple Limited Edition Flip Knife. Each numbered. Only 50 in production.

Thin Blue Line Limited Edition

Titanium Handles and frame lock. With our 1790 RDQ blade deployment system.

SpecOps with G10 handle.

Rugged and affordable G10 model. Comes with the soon-to-be-famous CY6 Lifetime Warranty and reversable beltclip!

Coming Soon…

Fixed Blade Knives

Look for our Chef Knife with Custom Handles for the BBQ/Grilling Weekender, a Hunting Knife, Tactical Knives, and the Survival/Camping Knifes … Hand-Crafted in Pendleton, South Carolina


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